Public Talks

The speakers for our public talks may vary from time to time. However here are the profiles of some of our regular speakers.



Ruth liew

Trainer and examiner for Montessori World Educational Institute, Ruth Liew has 25 years of professional working experience in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education. She has managed and taught at numerous preschools, nursery schools and day-care centres. A graduate of Michigan State University in Child Development and Teaching, Ruth has taught in Malaysia, The United States of America and Australia. She is popularly known as the ‘Childwise’ columnist of The Star and a published author of 4 books of professional working experience in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education. She is a governor in Malaysian Child Resource Institute.

Aisha Z. Abdullah

Aisha is a qualified Montessori practitioner who also holds a degree in law from the United Kingdom. A mother of 5 children, she tirelessly devotes herself to championing the cause of early childhood education. She fully supports the rights of the child to play and echoes
Dr Maria Montessori’s call to “heal the world” through our children. She has authored a book on Montessori titled “Why Montessori?” – Choosing the Right Preschool. Aisha is also the founder of the Children’s Playhouse Group and is currently the President of the Montessori Association of Malaysia.

Michelle Wong

Michelle Wong stumbles into Montessori teaching as a scientific way of being to bring about the child’s true nature – the experience of the normalized child as discovered by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907. Convinced and confident that this is the way to develop the child from the conventional concept, she has been actively involved with schools, homes or children centres to observe the Montessori philosophy in early childhood and learning development.
Currently, she is operating Montessori schools that adapt fully and truly to the Montessori philosophy and teaching by following and committing to the law of nature to reveal the true nature of the child. With great support and cooperation from all the school parents and teachers, the schools take pride to continuously pursue and promote the true natural Montessori teaching.